Psycho Therapy with English native speaker in the centre of Munich.



This method has been successfully used for a long time in many different areas.

For example with:

    Fears / phobias
    Learning blockades
    Behavioral disorder
    Sleep disorders
    Chron. Pain
    Inner restlessness
    Smoking cessation

Depending on the issue, only a few sessions are enough for noticeable relief.


EmotionCode® by Dr. Bradley Nelson


Unresolved emotions can become trapped in our bodies, affecting the flow of energy (chi) and throwing us out of balance.

Through EmotionCode these can be identified, localized, and permanently released so that the self-healing powers can be activated.

By releasing the "heart wall" we feel free and light.


Desensitization and processing through eye movement.

This method was developed in the 90s by Dr. Francine Shapiro and is a recognized psychotherapeutic method for adults and also for adolescents and children.

This achieves relief from stressful thoughts and feelings.


What is heart coherence?


"An optimized state in which the heart, mind and emotions are ordered and in unison."

HeartMath measures heart rate variability and teaches you to self-regulate to bring the immune, hormonal and nervous systems into a state of energetic coordination.

This brings you back into balance.

Short-term therapy by Steve de Shazer

In short-term therapy, the focus is on existing competencies and resources in order to achieve a solution as directly as possible.

This short-term therapy is supported by current research results of brain research regarding neuroplasticity.

Talent lies behind the stress !


Every person has an individual and unique potential. One can only develop it optimally if living stress-free.

Stress factors cannot always be eliminated. The primary goal of my efforts is therefore to improve the way people deal with stress and to use their individual potential to nevertheless keep a clear head in stressful situations. In this way, one's own talents can be called upon even in critical moments - this strengthens self-confidence, brings a sense of achievement and increases resistance to stress.




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